Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Fun with Twizzlers!

So where is your favorite road trip destination? Ours is definitely New York City. After living just outside the city for 15 years (and my husband for his whole life) we frequently drive back to visit family and friends and to "play tourist" in the city. There just is no other place on earth like it!

If you're planning a road trip, check out these tips from family travel expert Emily Kaufman, “The Travel Mom” and how to incorporate treats from
  • Create a boredom bag. Convert a hanging travel cosmetic case into a case full of fun and hang it from the seat back in front of the kids’ seats. Consider creating fun works of art with Twizzlers
    Pull ‘n’ Peel
    Candy before snacking on them!
  • Take your trip “online.” From GPS systems to phone applications, trips are no longer a navigation nightmare.
  • Think through the snacks you pack. Avoid packing snacks that are easy to spill like juice boxes or snacks that melt. Try plastic bottles with sports tops and bring along Twizzlers Candy or Twizzlers Nibs Candy – they are easy to share and don’t melt, making them the perfect car ride treat.

Disclosure:  By posting, I am entering a contest for a Twizzlers Landmark Summer promotion prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.

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